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  • Stuck in the Binge-Watching Loop?

    In this interview, Janna helps shed light on an overlooked cause of low energy, and how hypnosis helps overcome it.

    Could you describe the kind of low energy correctable by hypnotherapy?

    Sure.  It’s like when you run around all day and can’t wait to get home. But suddenly you’re exhausted.  There’s nothing good on TV, but you search frantically for anything, to watch.  There’s a vague, unsatisfied procrastination-like feeling.  You fall asleep, but tell yourself you’ll get up in a minute.  

    Eventually, the soul-nurturing projects you were looking forward to don’t sound like fun.  The beautiful walk you were going to take with the dog doesn’t sound good either.  Everything feels like work.  The dishes and laundry pile up.  The fridge is empty because every day is the same.  

    You blame yourself for always losing your momentum just when it’s time to really enjoy your downtime.

    So why does this happen?  Is it low blood sugar?

    You should check with your doctor, but mostly chronic, low-grade anxiety is the culprit.  Anxiety is the root of boredom and procrastination.  

    Think of it this way: boredom is restlessness and dissatisfaction with the present moment. Do you have a strong urge to escape, to be entertained, or avoid?  Usually, the need to ‘check out’ is strong, like an alcoholic’s need for a drink or an addict’s craving for heroin.  Avoidance is pleasure.  People stuck in this loop usually think they’re tired, not anxious.  They’ve tried will-power, but it’s subconscious.  That’s why I am able to help them.

    How do you help them?

    First, I ask them, “If you knew your future was secure, how would you be spending your time?”  Each person is unique, so I would use a variety of processes based on their situations.  All subconscious minds are highly adaptable when it comes to something we want, like having more energy, confidence, security or inspiration.  

    People want to be healthier.  Low grade anxiety makes you fat because you just sit and eat junk food and sleep.  So we transform their inner feelings to ones of happy inspiration so life becomes a ‘get to’ rather than a ‘have to.’  

    Most of us remember the desired feelings from childhood.  We couldn’t wait to finish our homework so we could go outside and play!  There was always enough energy to play with our friends, ride bikes, roller skate, or do art, no matter how tired or hungry we were when we walked through the door!  In hypnosis, we reclaim those feelings of motivation and inspiration, and energy returns full force.

    What can people expect from working with you?

    Oh, lots of things.  A cleaner house, a skinner body, a happier dog… the list goes on and on.  Enjoying the present moment, making it your friend, rather than your enemy, is available through this work.

    Janna Colaco, C.Ht., is a Transformational Hypnotherapist and Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator with an office in Downtown Fullerton.  She also offers FaceTime, Skype and phone sessions for distance clients.  You can reach Janna at (714)269-6908, or visit her website:  mechanicsofgrace.com. 

  • Spring into your Summer Body

    It’s easy to find motivation and enthusiasm when we reset our subconscious programming

    Body image can be a sneaky, tricky thing.  On the one hand, we want to be beautiful, fit, and let’s be honest— skinnier.  On the other hand, aren’t we supposed to love our body as we are, lumps and all?  Isn’t it shallow to want physical beauty?  Is it not more spiritual to be totally self-accepting regardless of our size?

    Certainly beauty is more than skin deep.  Pause for a moment and bring to mind someone you admire who is radiantly beautiful, yet on closer inspection, their beauty has nothing whatsoever to do with flawless skin, boob size, or perfect features.  

    Where is their beauty coming from?  A cheerful disposition, perhaps? A lightness of being, a sense of humor, an easy-to-be-with attitude?  Could it be self esteem, being comfortable in their own skin?— might these be the missing ingredients?

    “A good attitude isn’t enough!  I want to LOOK GOOD!” our inner diva shrieks.  Can we have both?  Yes, yes and emphatically yes!

    Let’s examine our beliefs:

    Thinking Error #1:  “I must love and accept my fat body; it’s what’s inside that counts.” 

    Wrong, wrong and wrong!  Being unhealthy is NOT self-love. Avoiding outdoor activities is NOT healthy. 

    In most cases, a defense against rejection is the culprit.  The most common reason for weight gain is overeating to squash chronic low-grade anxiety or feelings of dread.  

    In NO WAY is accepting oneself as fat a spiritual value, yet more and more of the time, I hear would-be spiritual-types hiding behind their ‘enlightenment’ as a way to justify giving up.

    What is spiritual?  Self care. Loving oneself enough to participate in life. So ask yourself this:  Do I love myself enough to move my body and feed it with love and respect?

    Thinking Error #2:  “It’s going to be hard.  I’m going to feel exhausted and deprived.”  

    That happened in the past.  But in the subconscious mind, anything is possible.  The preparation of healthy foods can be the best part of our day.  Exercise can be re-wired as something to look forward to.  Motivation can be re-wired to feel exhilarating.

    Thinking Error #3:  “I have to give up carbs.”  

    This is a societal collective belief.   So is war, for that matter.  You don’t have to buy in to the popular opinions of culture.  Smell, see and taste a tangerine.  Carbs are meant to be eaten!  If you think they cause inflammation, well, they do if you believe they do.  That’s how powerful your mind is.

    Overcoming chronic, low-grade anxiety is the number one weight loss and beauty miracle.  When anxiety goes, we are more present, radiant and joyful. We are far more motivated to eat well and participate in life, and life truly belongs to those who participate. 

  • The Inner Alchemy of Spring

    Discarding outdated thinking habits can clear our inner closet and make space for compassion and love.

    Last week I found myself spontaneously buying paint for the living room.  The cashier complemented my color choice, and remarked on how many people were spring-painting their walls!

    Spring is our time to remove stale clutter and shed what is no longer needed.  A gentle breeze through an open window, soft sunlight, or the scent of fresh flowers can move us forward with enthusiasm toward a clean new perspective.

    While we clear the garden, pantry or closet, springtime offers us an opportunity to release ineffective beliefs and outdated thinking habits.  

    Some of my favorite habits to discard this Spring include:

    Questioning others’ motives.  It’s inevitable we will encounter difficult people again and again.   The proverb, “Never judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their moccasins” reminds us we are all here for different experiences, and we shall never truly understand the path of another.

    We can never know for sure “why” someone behaves as they do.  Perhaps they have suffered.  Or maybe they took a vow to forget their own divinity in this lifetime, playing the role of villain so that we might overcome a fear or strengthen a gift. 

    Questioning others’ motives never provides the relief or closure we seek.  If we count up all the hours spent analyzing, labeling or attempting to make sense of others, we notice an increase, rather than a decrease, in our own confusion, frustration or hurt.  

    When possible, assume good intentions.   Hold them accountable by questioning only their judgement.  Their actions are under your scrutiny, not their motives.  This shift in perspective leaves their soul’s dignity and goodness intact.  This practice allows us to move toward compassion and understanding with even the most difficult souls.

    Perfectionism.  When we release perfectionism in favor of excellence, we choose self-love and worthiness.  The perfectionist who hides under baggy clothing at the beach, waiting to lose that last ten pounds, misses out on the joy of swimming and playing in the sand.  Better to shed the cover-up and participate!  Excellence implies living life to the fullest… even when we aren’t perfect.  Foregoing perfectionism takes courage.  Releasing self-consciousness is a powerful choice that frees us to create memories that last a lifetime.

    Being right.  Insistence on being right can derail personal growth.  Being right by definition automatically implies others are wrong.  The heightened energy we feel as we argue, upon closer inspection, derives its fervor and urgency from our deepest fears.

    Letting go requires courage and trust in the universe.  We release the need for things to go our way.  We can calmly offer our opinion while allowing others to do the same.  

    Outdated feelings of urgency, threat and fear are revealed as smoke and mirrors. ‘Let it go!’ becomes our mantra.  Internal windows open, cleansing mind and body, and we move forward with renewed enthusiasm for life.

  • Weight Loss and Hypnosis: A Love Infusion

    Janna, how does hypnosis and weight loss work? On the conscious and subconscious levels simultaneously. It heals and comforts. It creates courage and motivation. Feeling secure and relaxed is a huge part of achieving ideal weight.

    What kind of a diet plan do you use? Each client is unique, but in a nutshell, quality over quantity. You eat the freshest foods in season, using all the senses simultaneously. In hypnosis, we can train your subconscious to become satisfied from the look, smell, texture and flavor of the food. Very little is eaten to feel incredibly full… yet the food is delicious! I don’t let my clients eliminate entire food groups or spend three hours at the gym. That’s not love, it’s punishment.

    Can you hypnotize me to stop craving junk food? Yes, we certainly want to eliminate processed foods! But we still keep the indulgences in moderation.

    That sounds great, but doesn’t indulgence sometimes bring thoughts of binging?Binging feels terrible! There’s nothing indulgent about feeling stuffed, fat and sick. In hypnosis, we can make a little of the good stuff go a very long way. Do we eliminate chocolate? Absolutely not! Two bites of high quality chocolate is immensely satisfying.  You will feel full with less.

    Explain what you mean by “love-infused eating.” About twenty years ago, my kids and I were talking about my aunt’s cookies. They weren’t much to look at and the recipes were simple. But Aunty cooked with love, and you could taste the difference. We were on vacation and my son said, “Mommy, the cook put love in my hamburger!” It became a game to identify the love in food.

    How does this “love-infused eating” work with hypnosis? Not only do we energetically infuse our own food with love as we prepare and eat it, we also hypnotize the subconscious to receive love and self-care. We treat meal time as sacred… never eating standing up, in front of the TV, or in the car. When we feel loved and valued, we would never over-stuff ourselves or eat from boredom.

    It sounds like I have to cook and eat on plates! To be perfectly honest, yes. Loving yourself implies investing energy into yourself. So, for instance, I could hypnotize you to love cooking, because that’s good for you. I could hypnotize you to make meal preparation the best part of your day. My favorite thing is to collect beautiful antique china and grow my own roses to set on the table. I’ve used self-hypnosis to receive love from the dishes, flowers and food.

    Do you coach your clients about exercise or just diet? Yes, I use the same indulgent strategy. I don’t advocate spending three hours at the gym or marathon training. Ouch! But they are encouraged to take mindful nature walks and absorb the beauty around them. Twenty minutes of walking on the beach or playing in the pool is all that’s needed.

    Janna Colaco, C.Ht., is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator practicing in downtown Fullerton. She has coached motivational transformation since 1986. Janna is a Healing Minister, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. You can reach her at 714-269-6908 or at jannacolaco@mac.com, and mechanicsofgrace.com.


    The Law of Attraction is an amazing yet elusive tool for most of us.  What would we like to create?

    A healthier body?


    Positive thinking habits?



    Beautiful home/lifestyle?


    If you have ever seen The Secret, or listened to Abraham, the concept of creating your own dreams seems simple.  When it comes to manifesting your desires, there are only a couple of basic skills required: 

    1)  Visualization of the happy outcome, and

    2)  The tricky part... feeling emotionally good... really good... ecstatic even... so that our feelings are in alignment with the positive result, as though it's already happened.

    So I have a question:  How easy is it for you to feel better when you've just lost your partner in life, or lost your job, or had some unexpected curve ball thrown at you, and you need the Law of Attraction the most?  Can you 'climb up the emotional scale' and feel abundant, happy and loved when you're consumed with being worried, afraid, in the pit of despair?  

    It sucked for me too, for the longest time.  Thankfully, hypnosis (or 'the missing link' as I like to call it) came to the rescue for me time and time again.  I like to think if Forrest Gump were a real person, he would probably say that Hypnosis and the Law of Attraction go together like peas and carrots.

    Back when I worried for a living (I kid, I kid!), or rather, jumped like a monkey from one worry-tree to the next, I would regularly confuse angst and yearning, or wanting and needing, with the Law of Attraction.  When I'd meditate on what I wanted, nothing good would come, just more wanting and yearning, wanting and yearning, wanting and yearning.  I just couldn't get my emotions to feel good, and I really tried, so, so hard!  All that trying hard never worked, so the Law of Attraction thing would typically backfire in my face or land squarely on my thighs.

    So I went to my amazing mentor, a hypnotherapist who's been teaching and practicing for many years, and had her put my crying, sniveling self in a deep trance, where I let her work me into a state of genuine great feeling, with my heart bursting with love, and tears of gratitude rolling down my cheeks... I experienced and felt the immense relief, the releasing and letting go of worry on an emotional level.  At which point the results came!  Every.  Single. Time.

    I'm happy to say, life is great.  I continue to visit my mentor every month or two, because things are unfolding and manifesting so quickly I continuously find myself in new and uncharted waters.  And when I get myself in alignment, the Law of Attraction brings me just the right clients at just the right time in their lives for me to help them with the exact same thing.  It's uncanny!

    If you know someone who could use a boost with the emotional side/vibrational energy part of the Law of Attraction, please pass my information along to them.  And if you're in the Fullerton, CA area on the 29th of July 2017, we're having a Law of Attraction group workshop that Saturday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at Purple Yoga on Amerige Ave.  Or you can drop me an email for a more personalized appointment here in the office.  As Einstein said, "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is NOT philosophy.  This is PHYSICS."