Rates for Hypnotherapy Sessions in Fullerton

How long is a session?

For your first session, plan on spending an hour and a half. Subsequent sessions will be one hour. Click here to schedule your hypnotherapy session in Orange County, California.

How many sessions will I need?

You will soon get a sense of how many sessions you need, depending on the number of issues you want to address. Three to ten sessions are common. How complex is your issue? How many topics do you want to address? Each client is unique. Click here to schedule your first appointment at our Fullerton, California location.

Certified Hypnotherapy Session Rates

Individual Sessions Single: $135

3 sessions: $365 (10% Savings)
5 sessions: $575 (15% Savings)
10 sessions: $1080 (20% Savings)

Referral Rewards Program:  Refer a friend, when that person comes in two or more times, you receive a free session!

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